Hispanic Heritage Month Inspiration & Fashion

In today's assembly, my school brought in dancers to perform traditional Aztec and Spanish dances, and teach us about the cultures in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15). The outfits and instruments were fascinating, and amazing to see the details up close. It was also very interesting to see the evolution of Aztec fashion and music before and after the arrival of Spaniards. I was very inspired by the Hispanic heritage, I'm Hispanic myself, but I'm not too familiar with the culture, so I did a bit more research and gathered some inspirational photos to get more of a feel.

I love the traditional red skirts, and they're so much fun to move around in - every movement is 10x more dramatic!
The Peruvian colored threads and patterns are so detailed and elaborate.

Note how intricate the designs and fabrics are.

How can I leave out Karlie Kloss' Peruvian editorial for Vogue's September issue?

I want a fuzzy little alpaca!

I'm in awe at the amount of work it must take to make these ornate accessories.

Another of Karlie, by Peru-native, Mario Testino, for American Vogue.

Out of all the Hispanic countries and cultures I researched, I really liked Peru for their colorful and intricate designs (and for the fuzzy alpacas!)

I also made a Pinterest board - one of the best ways to store inspiration.

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