I Love YOUR Style, Amanda Brooks

At my age, I'm asked many times what I want to be when I 'grow up'. Normally my answer will vary depending on the day or my mood, but sometimes many times I just simply want to be Amanda Brooks. Judging from her Instagram posts - which I know is not a fair judging of someone's life, at all - she is living my dream life. She was living in New York City as the fashion director for Barney's, which by itself is already perfect, but then quit and moved to a farm in England, yes, Amanda Brooks has perfected the already perfect life. She has me yearning for the English countryside with each one of her perfect pictures of cute cottages, rolling fields, and either Old MacDonald's farm or Noah's ark, I'm not sure which. Be sure to check out her blog and her Instagram (filter of choice seems to be Valencia, but it very well could just be a natural glow). My favorites are of the horses and hounds out for a hunt. It brings me the necessary dose of English countryside I need to keep me going through the week. I think I mentioned the word perfect about four times so far, but that's honestly the best word I can use to describe Amanda Brooks - simply perfect.
All photos via @AmandaCBrooks or I Love Your Style.

Horse, Hound, & Human - the best combination. 

Queen Brooks herself, on her trusty steed, Polo.

I find it almost reassuring to know that people have fox hunts and still keep this tradition alive, because it's so different from the small-town suburb where I live and just knowing that this is happening somewhere else makes me happy.

I wish I had chickens...

Perfect. (7th time mentioned in this post)

Wearing tweed, in a lavender/heather field, on a beautiful white horse, in England. I think Amanda Brooks and I are really the same person, in the soul.

My god, this looks like so much fun.

I think one reason her photos are so amazing is because they aren't posed or directed perfectly. Her life just happens, she catches it on camera, and all the imperfections make it absolutely perfect. 

Dry stone walls in the countryside like these are my weaknesses.

Let's be honest, that horse is the star of the picture.

I kind of dress like this anyway, even though I don't have a horse, or go hunting, or have a perfect English countryside farm.

The closest I can get to this is pretending my dog is a sheep.

Oh - and did I mention it served as the backdrop the the J.Crew Fall 2013 style guide? The perfect icing on the perfect cake...


  1. Wow! I'm sure gonna check her Instagram. Nice post. Love that you make it simple.


  2. At this time of year we always pass fox hunts while driving. xx