My Opinion On Celebrities in the Front Row at Fashion Shows

Like I said in the past two posts (here and here), I love NYFW, but one thing that really ticks me off about runway shows is all the celebrities in the first row. I get that to make the shows and brands more popular in the mainstream, they use celebrities to attract interest. But sometimes, a celebrity's appearance at a show can overpower the show itself. There's more focus on the famous people rather than the collection, and that's not right. The people there should be benefitting themselves or the brand, or even both, not just look nice. The celebrities don't really know what they're looking for in the models coming down the runway, they just see nice clothes. They should have more fashion writers, editors, buyers - fashion people - in the front row, because they'll do more than look pretty for the camera, and after all, you shouldn't even be looking at the people sitting in the fashion shows, all eyes should be on the collection coming down the runway. If someone, who is not familiar with fashion people, saw a photo with a celebrity in the front row of a fashion show, they might be a bit interested, but only in the celebrity. But people, who know fashion people, see them in the front row, they'll know of their importance even though they aren't just a pretty face. The after-party is the sociable time for celebrities and taking non-fashion-show related pictures. I can understand if the celebrity is part of an advertising campaign, or a style icon, but I think even in that case they can sit second row and shine in the after-party.It's just a tradeoff really; you could have celebrities front row attracting mainstream traffic, or you could have fashion writers and editors front row attracting a more concentrated audience and possibly creating content and more viewing for your collection.

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The editors, writers, and journalists might be a less attractive bunch, but they're definitely more meaningful for those who know what's what. 
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Is the focus on the model or on Solange Knowles? Obviously not the model... 
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Iggy (fourth from the left) looks simply bored.

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