Reviewing House of Dagmar from Stockholm Fashion Week

I love fashion weeks. The preparation and anticipation beforehand, the wonderment and awe during the shows, and reliving all of it in the critique process. There is never a dull moment during fashion week. My experience in this, so far, has been strictly via my laptop, magazines, and newspapers, but I can still experience the show, the ambiance, the feeling being portrayed and the message given. There are many factors that influence the styles and trends you see at the shows; a very prominent one of these factors is geography. Both the energy and the physical appearance of the clothes differ depending on where the show is located. Stockholm fashion week had all very clean, cosy, androgynous, and muted collections, that I think reflects the heritage and where they came from (not that I'm saying Sweden is androgynous or muted). Although Stockholm Fashion Week is not considered as popular as New York, Milan, London, or Paris, the talent, time, and quality put into these shows is evident. This goes for all the shows and designers, but today I'll specifically focus on the House of Dagmar S/S 2015 runway collection.
photo via Vogue.

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This was a rather small collection, not too many looks, compared to New York, London, Paris, or Milan, even compared to some other designers at Stockholm fashion week. 

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Sharp, yet smooth and easy on the eye.

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Ah, simplicity and minimalistic fashion at it's finest.

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Made cohesive not only in the clothes, but in the hair, shoes, and styling.

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This collection is not screaming for attention, yet all eyes are on it.

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This collection looks very comfortable and wearable.

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I would love to have this dress; it looks so versatile, and can be dressed up or down to the occasion.

Did you manage to catch any of Stockholm Fashion Week? Did you like what you saw? Are you excited for NY fashion week coming up? 
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