Undercover Spring 2015: Sugarplum Fairy Meets Black Swan

The Undercover Spring 2015 show in Paris started out like something right out of The Nutcracker: pastel, pretty, and sweet, on the surface. But there were dark, feathered wings and dramatic eye makeup that suggested something more mysterious was coming. And some of the models walked down the runway with their hands folded kindergarten-style, a bit too sweet and innocent for the entire show, like you knew in the back of your head that something more Stygian was coming, but these transitions, character changes, and plot twists are all within the same realm of fantasy and imagination. There was an eerie feeling present throughout the entire show.

Like poisoned honey.

This could come off as a soft, sweet dress, if it wasn't for those eyes.

A transition point in the show, the bridge to darkness.

This print looks like it's straight out of the pages of a child's fairytale book.

I love the rich plum color with the structure and detail of this dress.

Feathers tend to add either elegance and softness or drama. In this case it's a bit of both. I also like how her hands are basically resting on the skirt.

The headpiece for this look is just wonderful (literally full of wonder), but I'm afraid all eyes are on her head and not her lovely gown.

And here we have the Black Swan, eerie, sophisticated, and powerful as she marches, or floats, down the runway.

I love when the beginning looks and end looks are totally different, but everything flows in between so it doesn't seem as drastic. It's the best way to get two ideas and inspirations into the same collection and have it still be cohesive.
Undercover did a fantastic job of bringing together two very different sides of their collection and making them seem not so different after all. It's almost like the Sugarplum fairy side is undercover and is really the Black Swan side, and the Black Swans are undercover acting as the Sugarplum fairies. 


  1. WOW! Your blog is absolutely amazing-- so impressive for a 13 yo. A+ on the posts, they're marvelous!