Autumn-Inspired Photo Color Palette

I've been collecting photos that've caught my fancy this past month and I decided to turn them into "color palettes" using Essie polish. I used Essie because they have every single color imaginable to mankind and all of them are so easily available. It's actually really calming to pick out the colors from details in the photos; I recommend this as an untraditional way to wind down after a long day.

This is one of my favorite looks from the Valentino RTW (or should I say prêt-à-porter?) S/S collection.
Nail Colors - Island Hopping // Warm & Toasty Turtleneck // In Stitches // Bff Best Boyfriend

Very refreshing photo = very refreshing colors.
Nail Colors - Need a Vacation // East Hampton Cottage // Blanc // Absolutely Shore

It's fun to play around with shades and hues, especially when the photo has different aspects of light and shadows like this one.
Nail Colors - Going Incognito // Sew Psyched // School of Hard Rocks // Fierce, No Fear // Urban Jungle

This is my favorite photo from the editorial of Natalia Vodianova for the November Issue of Vogue.
Nail Colors - Shifting Power // Power Clutch // Sew Psyched // Sequin Sash // Lapiz of Luxury

This is a photo of the barricade from the 2012 Les Misérables, which I have been obsessed with for a while now.
Nail Colors - Forever Yummy // Mesmerized // Mink Muffs // Good as Gold

Although I wouldn't necessarily suggest wearing all these colors on your hands (or feet) at once, this is a nice option for a last minute halloween costume. Just paint your nails and and print out the picture you based it off of, because most people probably won't get it just by random colors on your fingers. 


  1. Nice post - never thought of using a photo for inspiration on nail color selection.