Comparing Chanel No. 5 & J'adore Dior Campaigns

The classic fragrance, Chanel No. 5, has been a standing component and symbol of elegance in a quintessentially glamorous time. It was Chanel's first fragrance, launched by Coco herself and the first bottle was sold in 1921. It was a scent that captured the essence of the 1920s - freedom and modernistic, but at the same time elegant and timeless. It wasn't a groundbreaking, never-before-seen (well, I guess it would be 'never-before-smelled') perfume, but it was something better, it was recognizable although it was nonexistent prior to this time, so it wasn't a strong new smell that would take a long time to get used to. A classic was born. Much has changed since the 20s, but No. 5 has remained the same, including the simple bottle that holds the precious liquid. Dior introduced their representative scent much later than Chanel, in 1999 J'adore was born. Not as renowned as No. 5, but it still gives an strong image of a powerful elegance. Recently, I've been seeing the J'ador Dior commercials, starring Charlize Theron, before videos on YouTube. It says something like 'the past is beautiful but it's no place to live' and then it shows Charlize climbing out to 'the future,' saying, J'adore Dior.

Chanel recently released their new fragrance film for No. 5, starring Gisele Bündchen. It has a very modern and now feel. I also think it reminded us of Gisele's wonderful talent. I think it was a great film with a very clear image for the scent. Fragrance films can be tricky because you have to convey the feeling of the scent but the audience obviously can't smell it. You've got to be specific with your theme. Both of them are about this idea of keeping the past and tradition in mind, but ignoring it anyway and doing your own thing. It's about revamping the old glamor with a more modern sophistication. It's showing that these fragrances are truly timeless and that they will always be a new classic.


  1. Absolutely love the new film for Chanel N 5. Gisele is truly an inspiration and after watching this I think I'll need to buy the perfume! haha!