Downton Abbey Season Five

I can honestly say that there is no other TV show I have obsessed over and watched religiously like I have with Downton Abbey. I love watching the personal, and historical, events that play out and affect the intertwined lives of the richly developed characters, both upstairs and down. I might have learned as much history from this show as I have from actual history class; the writer, Julian Fellowes, does do a thorough job with his research. Downton Abbey provides the perfect balance of deep, engaging storylines, historical backgrounds, amazing sets (my perfect weekly dose of English countryside), and beautiful costumes.

Although the show already premiered in the UK this past month, for all of us in the states PBS has been releasing snippets and trailers, including an ominous video back in July and pictures from Season Five in August. Recently, PBS also released this video containing bits and pieces from Season Five and also the official early trailer. Things start out pretty normal in the beginning, the first part of the video picks up where Season Four ended, but then it takes a more dramatic turn, showing us some pretty action packed clips. It's odd seeing characters that I'm so familiar with in so unfamiliar situations, and also characters I'm unfamiliar with in such a familiar location. My anticipation is rising as I wait for the airing of Downton Abbey Season Five on January 4th on the flawless MASTERPIECE THEATER.

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