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My week has been very productive and busy, which I find is becoming more frequent rather than the rarity that productivity used to be during the glorious summer months. Sigh. I had a school research trip this entire week so I wasn't as on top of things, fashion things that is, as I normally like to be. When I finally got back on Friday evening, I sorted through all the emails I've accumulated through the week and I also caught up on all the action I've missed (so much happens in a week!)

The view from my bus window on the school trip. I don't know what body of water this is, I just thought it looked pretty as we were passing over the bridge. #NoFilterNeeded

First off, I don't think that I could write a post about this week without mentioning Oscar de la Renta. I got the news that he passed from my Instagram feed while I was on the school bus for my class trip. I was shocked and it didn't help being in a closed vehicle where no one knew who he was. I wrote this short tribute from my phone; I am just one of many mourning a great man who left a legend that will outlive us all. In my eulogy, I wrote that this was the end of an era, and it is in a way, but Anna Wintour specifically disagreed in hers stating that, "he would have lived happily and defined any era," which is true, as well. I also found Oscar's Most Memorable Moments in T Magazine interesting and sentimental. It's always bittersweet looking back on good times that we know are now over.

Conveying messages is hard. Fashion is one great way to do that, and it can be pretty difficult. What's even harder than that is conveying a message you can't even see. That's what fragrance is. And in fragrance advertisements, you can't even smell it. So you have to find a strong message from a fragrance and convey it in pictures and hope that it gets the message across. Over the years, people have gotten better with this, producing great short fragrance films that are clear in meaning. Recently, Chanel released their new film for their signature No. 5 scent, starring Gisele. More trained fragrance experts than I will probably disagree with me entirely, but I sensed some similarities between Chanel's No. 5 film and Dior's J'adore film, so I decided to compare them both in a post. The stories in the films are completely different, but the strong message is similar.

Speaking of fashion shorts, check out Business of Fashion's Top 10 Fashion Films. Short films are great for fashion because they show the highlights and feelings of a certain collection without having to watch the whole runway show, for those of us who are more pressed for time or who like to see the clothes come to life in film.

Lastly, I really enjoyed watching i-D's Fashion at Work videos this week because it features people from the fashion industry (Derek Blasberg, Carol Lim, Alexa Chung, and Suzy Menkes for example) and they answer questions like what it's like to work in the industry, how they would explain it to people who aren't in it, what the best (and worst) parts of it are, and many other interesting answers.

Looking back on this week I see a lot of buzz and busyness and looking forward I see Halloween just coming into view on the horizon. We can't let that be an excuse to lay back and relax because it will be upon us before we know it.

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