Halloween Inspiration: Hamish Bowles

I think I might be Hamish Bowles' biggest fan, and I know that I'm definitely his youngest. If you're not familiar with him, Mr. Bowles is an English fashion journalist and has kept the title of European editor-at-large for American Vogue since 1995. I've been admiring him for some time now; I just love the way that he writes and makes even the smallest details seem grand and beautiful. Reading anything by him, from runway reviews to cover stories, is always a pleasure. You can get lost in the words and it really transports you to wherever, or whatever, he is conveying. I look at it almost as a goal; I want to be Hamish Bowles one day. Alas, that day is not today, so I guess I'll have to settle for being him for Halloween.

In this look, I've traded his patterned crimson tie for a simple necklace, and I haven't included a link for the shirt because I think everyone should have a basic red plaid shirt.

There is always a color scheme or theme in his looks so although he mixes many different patterns, colors, and textures, it always works together perfectly.

One of the many great things about Hamish is that he is not committed to one look like some other fashion icons are. He has so many great outfits to his name and that means two things: a) There are many different looks avaiable and you can choose whichever depending on what you already own and what you can find at a thrift shop; b) On Halloween, you will have to carry around a picture and tell people who you are (and who he is) because most people won't know, at least where I live. People normally don't understand my Halloween costumes, but I also do it partly to keep them on their feet. To keep them guessing when everyone else has predictable and recognizable costumes.


  1. I think I may also be Hamish for Halloween (or a Walking Dead character, I haven't decided). Great post!

  2. After learning about Ham bowles unique style and fashion education , i try and learn combinations of color and pattern from him, Fred Astaire, Pierre Cardin, Had the touch, If you look at early pictures of Director Mervyn Leroy with Ginger in the 30's its their. We can all learn from Mr. ham" i have, first you need a big ego, then a connection to life and color, you must live it, love it and do it, I'm searching again for things that I have that i can use in the bowles style, so far many compliments at A market where i go for tea in Newport calif, my boats across the street, anyone for sailing... dreaming .. or dancing?