Mourning Oscar: the End of an Era

Legendary designer Oscar de la Renta passed away, at age 82, Monday night. I got the news from my Instagram feed and in fact, I'm writing this from a bus on the way to a class trip. I am shocked beyond words; of course I knew that he was one of the classic, old icons, but it just never occurred to me that he would ever go away. Every collection, every piece of clothing, everything he made has a quality and elegance that will never die. Although this is the end of an era, his work, his name, and the magnificent fashion house he built under that will live on forever.

Oscar de la Renta


  1. Truly an end to an era! Such elegance and style.

    1. The world lost an amazing person...

  2. It definitely came to a shock for me, but he'll definitely have a legacy and style that will live on!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

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