Scarves: the Salsa to an Outfit

Scarves are like the condiments, spices, and seasonings to great meals: a small component compared to the actual meal, but the dish wouldn't be complete without it. A great look is not just about the clothes. Accessories play a major role; you could take the same outfit, change the accessories, and bam! you have a completely different look. Jewelry probably comes to most people's mind first, but I can never manage to remember to wear any and it gets in my way a lot, so I turn to scarves. I really don't think that people can have too many scarves (I might think this because I do have too many scarves), and I think that everyone should have somewhat of a scarf collection. It's hard to get a basic collection of a few scarves because most are patterned, so that's why I have a million varieties in every shape, style, and color. (And because not all of us can afford the Alexander McQueen skull printed scarves that seem to go along with everything)

Scarves are supposed to be both valuable & cheap accessories, if you know what I mean. This one looks like it could be expensive, but it's so cheap that you could buy one in every color if you wanted to. From Sammoon (Sammoon has some really inexpensive, stylish pieces if you take the time to go through all of it; the website can be a bit overwhelming)
I actually wore this scarf when I went into NYC for fashion week, I had a bit of a stripes theme going on.

Feathered-Printed Fringe Scarf. Multi-colored scarves are perfect because you can wear them with almost anything and everything.

Bird Print Scarf. Cohesive accessories form motifs in your outfits. In this case, I'm getting a free, nature-esque, almost hipster vibe.

Leaf Print Tassel Scarf. There are so many different ways to wear scarves, most are not necessarily in their 'scarf' way.

Paisley Print Tassel Scarf. Who doesn't love tassels? No one ever said no to a little Moroccan vibe.

 Bird Printed Tube Scarf. When buying scarves, you really have to keep in mind what it'll look like when you're wearing it; if you wear it as a scarf, the pattern won't show well, but as a shawl it would.

Jacqui Aztec Cowl. Last but not least, my personal favorite at the moment is this Aztec printed one, in rich colors, with tassels. Really seeing no negatives to this, I love the material, and the tassels are just the icing on the cake.

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