September Fashion Month Recap

With September at a close, I've been looking back and decided that it's been a pretty successful month. Here's just a little recap:

For most people my age, September means the start of school, sports, and extra curricular activities. It means hectic schedules and cooler weather.It means all that for me too, but it also means fashion week. The first day of New York fashion week also happened to be my first day of 8th grade. Everyday for the entire month of September, I would be in school all day, isolate myself from social media so I wouldn't be too tempted to live-stream the Thom Browne show to my English classroom. When school was finally over, I'd go through my Instagram feed, quickly catching up on all the action and fun I've missed during the day. Then, I'd have to do my homework first, and then I would more thoroughly catch up on the collections I've missed, from the comfort of my laptop, and write up reviews for the next day. It might have been tiring, but it felt like my job, like I had to, although it certainly never felt like work or a chore. It could get pretty frustrating sometimes because I'll see all of my fashion 'friends' (read: my idols who don't know me at all) at shows and events without me and it's like seeing all of your friends having fun at a party you weren't invited to. All my school friends were worrying about grades, but Giambattista Valli was on my mind. Don't get me wrong, school is important and I always put academics first, but my fashion world and life are high up in my priorities list; maybe not first, but definitely up there. I feel like fashion people understand and think more like me than my peers at school do, so I felt really left out seeing all of them concentrated in one place.

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But, my amazing mother said that we could maybe pop over to Lincoln Center one afternoon if my homework was light. I don't think she expected me to construct an intricate plan in order to finish all of my homework during the day, carefully scheduling my recess, study hall, and lunch so I could be free for that afternoon. I might have missed that day's lunch recess drama, but it was well worth it. I rushed home, changed (I was not going to NYC in my dowdy school uniform), and we were on our way into the rush hour traffic to the city. I didn't really know what to expect, I didn't even think that I would see anything but maybe watch some people go in and out of shows. I like the energy of the city and that was enough of a reason for me; it also made me excited just to know that I was mere miles away from countless fashion editors, directors, designers, and photographers, I was breathing Anna Winour's air. I think my mom just brought me so I could stop complaining and to prove that it's nothing special. I may have stopped complaining, but it certainly wasn't 'nothing special'. As soon as I got there, I could feel the individuality and desire to be different in the air. I don't think I've ever been in such an accepting environment. Everybody was truly themselves and that's what I love so much about fashion; there is so little bias and judgement. Well, there is judgement, but I like to think that it's normally of the creative variety to help them get better. There's nothing like it.

There was so much to see, so many characters, but somehow I spotted a modest looking man who looked familiar standing on the side. Unlike so many of the extravagant attention seekers in the crowd, he dressed like he could be in a supermarket or somewhere. It took me about 30 seconds to realize that I was looking at Scott Schuman, or the Sartorialist as he is better known. When I asked, he answered with a humble, but proud, I am, we chatted a bit, got a picture, and my fashion week (or fashion day) was made. But the fun didn't end there! After my encounter with Mr. Schuman, we (my mother and I; she was vaguely aware of who he was I'm proud to say) moved as close as we could get to the doors of the showroom to watch and recognize the faces coming out of the Anna Sui show, and suddenly there was a fire of red hair bobbing in front of me. That's right, the one and only, Grace Coddington. I had a short moment of shock and then I was chasing down block after her. I caught up with her and Tonne Goodman as they were waiting for their town car. My mom actually spoke to her first and introduced me because I still couldn't believe my eyes. Just like with the Sartorialist, we chatted a bit and got a picture, although looking back on it now, I wasn't as intelligent or articulate as I would have liked, my brain doesn't function well under pressure or shock. I went home as the happiest 13 year old in the world.

The next day, during a study hall at the end of the day, I decided to check my blog and social medias. I quickly found out that Scott Schuman reposted my picture of him on his Instagram, which cause me many, many likes, new followers, and new people reading my blog. I was overwhelmed at the peak in interest. I'm just really glad that I checked at the end of the day because I wouldn't have been able to focus the entire day if I checked in the morning. That was my amazing New York fashion week experience, the only one out of all my fashion week experiences that was not via laptop. I watched all the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris strictly from my computer. If I was just looking at the collections and clothes I probably wouldn't feel as left out, but with all of that comes the people that attended the events, and like I said, it's like seeing your friends at a party without you. As soon as I started getting tired of a fashion week, a new one would start, with Paris at the end to linger in my mind and keep my thoughts rolling enough until it starts again in February.

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