Texture is, of course, in everything, but I'm talking about textures that give depth and character to a fabric and are most likely not made up of just one element. This seems to be the time of year for texture to shine, although summer textures are particularly interesting because they can be just as intricate, but the fabrics naturally have to be lighter so you couldn't necessarily have a detailed, but thick design as you can in winter. In the fall and winter, textures come in not only different designs and styles, but in thickness and threads (I love when a fabric appears to be a solid color, but upon further investigation it turns out to be made out of multiple strands of different colors.) I also prefer autumn and winter textures rather than summer ones because they are reliable and sentimental to me; cozy sweaters, multiple rich tweeds, suedes, leathers, denims, it all brings warm feelings and memories to me. That's just what fabric should do, it should tell stories and memories, it should have personality.

I gathered up my favorite textures from my autumn wardrobe, my phone camera isn't really the best at capturing all the knitted and woven details and colors, but it'll do. It was fun hunting around for fabrics in my closet (and I'll be honest: on my floor too - sorry Mom) and it made me think back to all the good times in those clothes. For example, pumpkin picking with my family in my old, hand-me-down denim jacket from my Mom, the chunky-knitted sweaters that I pull over my polo's for school, or the tweed blazers I seem to collect from thrift stores.

My scarves.

One of my many tweeds - this one I partially like because of the subtle blue and red threads. 

A rare example of a pink tweed that doesn't make me feel like Professor Umbridge...

The fall blazer section of my closet - from left to right: my gingham tweed, my heavy (country) tweed, my light tweed, my light tweed with pockets, and my pink tweed. One can never have too many tweed blazers. 

A closeup on the gingham tweed. It's a really lovely fabric because it's not too thick or heavy, but it's still cozy.

Suede detail on one of my autumn skirts.

My closet has so much plaid, so it really wouldn't make sense to photograph all of it, but here's a closeup on my favorite plaid pants.

A faded, comfy denim.

Knitted leggings are my savior on chilly school days.

I really love the combination of my loose-fitting, worn-in jeans and my (well, my mother's first) burgundy leather belt. I'm in love with the color/texture combination.

A simple knit. (Yes, it's a Gryfindor scarf.)

I live in knitted socks during the winter. What is winter without knitted socks?

Closeup on a plaid/tweed waistcoat of mine. I love waistcoats and I own many, but everyone gives me a strange look when I wear them to school. I guess they don't see many 13-year-olds with tweed vests, but it's within the dress code so they can't stop me. 
The best sweater ever. I think I got it on clearance from a Loft a couple years ago,  and I haven't stopped wearing it since. It's just perfect for me in every aspect: color, texture, 

This is a close up of my favorite sweater. This sweater is a rich, dark green and the way it's knitted,  it resembles vines growing, and maybe a bit overgrown even. 

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