TGIF!!! (& Week Recap)

Does it make sense that this week seems like it has been incredibly long, yet over in a flash at the same time? I feel like it was just yesterday that I headed out of my front door on Monday for school, and I immediately had to go back inside for a coat because I was not expecting the sharp, autumn-morning air. All this time of year, everyone is saying that they're busy and still figuring things out, but, if I remember correctly from last year, and other years past, I was feeling like that all the way up until summer started, and it started again when summer ended. I think anytime that's not summertime will be busy and "figuring things out."
Cold days call for tweed & scarves.
Other than the premature cold weather, many other events this past week have me saying TGIF today. For starters, I started out the week with a quiz in math, it wasn't exactly a pop quiz (okay, it wasn't a pop quiz at all), but it still caught me off guard and didn't give me the best start to the week. Until November, I'll be working on a Colonial America research paper for History, so I've been busy with that, and the terrible thing about long research papers is that they drag on forever. With regular tests or quizzes, you learn the material, take the test, and move on, but research papers are perpetually boring.

All while I was learning the elements on the Periodic Table, John Galliano was appointed as the Creative Director of Maison Martin Margiela, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a fashion education workshop at the White House, new members were added to the CFDA, and so much more. I get my daily fashion news by checking Vogue and all of the others on my long list of websites and blogs after homework, and by reading WWD with my dinner religiously.

Sometimes WWD is not with dinner, it's with cookies, sometimes it's with a dinner of cookies.

It is inevitable for Halloween not to be thought of anytime in October. Simply impossible. This week, I found Halloween inspiration and confirmed my costume idea of Hamish Bowles.

It's my goal to be him one day in real life, but being him for Halloween will have to settle for now.
Speaking of Hamish, a man with so much style, I also went over the difference between style and stylish, yes, there is a difference, and no, it is not just the parts of speech.

New York City skylines are so versatile; a versatile skyline for a versatile city.

I hope you all had a lovely week!


  1. Mr. Bowles knows how to work a great scarf! Speaking of scarves, the one you are wearing with the tweed is pretty spiffy too.

    Another Beautiful Thing

  2. Love that scarf!