Thoughts on Alexander Wang X H&M Collaboration

The much awaited look book for one of the most buzzed about designer collaborations of the year (probably after Altuzarra for Target) came out a day or two ago. Yes, we're talking about Alexander Wang for H&M, the high n' low brand collaboration that has been whispered and rumored about since the announcement during last April's Coachella. Since then, the Alexander Wang Spring RTW show in September has had us predicting what will come out of this mixing of brands, styles, and quality. The spring collection was very athletic, so it was safe to assume that the collaboration would mainly be based off of sporty looks.

It may have gotten a bit too sporty. The athletic look worked in the spring collection and not in the H&M collection because the lower end naturally has to be more wearable. I think they found trouble where they tried to make it look upscale and edgy and still be possibly street wear, if not just on a spunky, young person looking to show off some brand names at their trip(s) to the gym. The result was bulky, unbalanced, unflattering, and in my opinion, almost comical.

This first look isn't too bad, it resembles some of the looks from the Spring collection. 

I really don't get how they thought leather Wang boxing gloves were a good idea. Almost as bad as the Louis Vuitton punching bag. Almost. (Sorry Karl.)

Way too bulky on top, not just the jacket, but the belt too. Also, I didn't point out the hideous, rubber slippers in the past 2 looks (and in several more to come), but a tragedy like these shouldn't go unnoticed.

Okay, maybe the dress isn't that bad compared to some of the other pieces we've seen, but they just go down hill with the printed gloves and shoe/sock combination.

I've honestly got no words for the jacket, but let's take a look at the shoes. Maybe they tie into the athletic theme by imitating the Greek god Hermes' winged shoes.

Too much puffiness in this picture. Bulky, knee-padded pants, thick, quilted jacket, and that hat. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Not as bad, my only complaints have to be the branded choker, the hideous shoes, and the fact that the design of the dress just makes it look like her bra straps are showing.

All these prints, and patterns, and colors, and who would want the letters AW printed across their chest?

No bueno.

I think we can all agree that the pants are revolting, but what I don't get is why everything else - the sports bra, the hat, and the gloves - have to be printed with Wang. The thing with high low designer collaborations like this is that they tend to show off the brand name a lot, which can end up being tacky or just plain annoying.

Eek. This is much spookier than any Halloween costume that I've seen so far.
Because this is for a widely known, and used, brand, I have to think of all the different body types of people that could be wearing these, and if they already don't look good on the model, we can almost guarantee that they won't be flattering on average people (like me.) 

I won't even get started on the Men's collection...

Definitely not my favorite designer collaboration (I loved Altuzarra for Target), but if you thought differently I recommend you check out the full look book and also The 8 Alexander Wang x H&M pieces Vogue Editors Can’t Wait To Buy