Sentimentality. Nostalgia. Warm recollections of times I've never really lived. That is what the Valentino Spring 2015 show brought to me when I was looking for something to write about for today. It brought feelings of woven rugs and old tapestries that told a familiar story, one that we only recognized when we've seen this collection, and one that can only be told through this collection. These clothes were based on rich, earthy tones and the second most perfect symmetry and balance, after Mother Nature herself, of course. It almost reminded me of the lighter Renaissance paintings I studied last year, not the harsh, dark ones. It was intricate without having the electric, bright colors and sharp cuts that I'm getting a bit tired of; as one does normally with the passing fashions. This was the kind of refreshing that doesn't wipe the whole past away, instead it leaves a bit to linger and mingle with the new. And it also gets extra points for being so soft and easy on the eye because I'm writing this late at night after a Tuesday full of colonial research papers, graphing functions, Spanish possessive nouns, and memorizing elements on the periodic table (yay 8th grade!). It pains me just to mention such stressful things in the presence of such a calming and gentle collection. Valentino was like a tapestry on your grandmother's wall that you never really noticed, but you always knew it was there. I imagined it as a sort of group grandmother to us all; we share the tapestries, and the feelings that come with it. This collection has brought us together because it conveys a message we can both understand.

I really love earthy greens.

This is so gentle and soft, without being emotionless, fluffy, and flat. It carries a story.


  1. Valentino has always one of the most beautiful collection in Fashion Week!