Warby Parker X 826 Collaboration

Seeing is believing. Words can be excellent tools for conveying messages, but really, nothing can compare to the gift of sight. I'm nearsighted, so I truly value being able to see details clearly; although I don't normally wear my glasses, you'll never find me too far away from one of my many pairs. I say "my many pairs" because throughout time I've been buying glasses, losing them, buying more, and then rediscovering the lost pairs, thus resulting in owning more pairs than most people need. That's why I admire Warby Parker for providing fashionable glasses, at relatively inexpensive prices for the world of designer eyewear, that do so much more than provide a pretty feature for your face.

Even though glasses do more than look pretty, these frames sure are pretty cute!

Opening your eyes and seeing the world clearly gives anyone and everyone endless inspiration, especially for a child. As a child myself, I know that clear vision triggers amazing ideas in our head, and it also encourages different ways to transport those ideas not only through words, but through art, music, and even vocal explanation, too. In my case, my sight, because of my glasses, helps me to see and understand fashion walking down the runway. Because of these clear images in my head, I can form clear ideas, which I then turn into words and it wouldn't be the same without those tiny details that blurry eyesight just doesn't catch -- it makes all the difference. Vision unleashes creativity in all people, especially children.

Although 826 is for kids and the books are written by them, the Kidd frame is for adults. But they are pretty adorable on them. 

Because I, myself, am a young writer and I know, from personal experience, of the power of words, I'm happy to help Warby Parker announce their new collaboration with 826. 826 is a nonprofit organization that nurtures and grows writing skills in children from Pre-K/Kindergarten all the way to senior year in high school. 826 currently has eight locations - NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Boston, and Chicago - and sparks and continues to kindle a natural curiosity in Language Arts for children, skills that will serve them for their entire life. Warby Parker is celebrating their New York City and Los Angeles locations with the arrival of a smart, exclusive design: The Kidd. There are only 826 pairs available in both optical, evidently for NYC, and darkened for the sun, suitable for Los Angeles. Each pair is uniquely numbered out of 826. Warby Parker is also sponsoring two original publications, one from NYC and one from LA, of student's work to prove the knowledge and creativity that these kids have, with all the proceeds going to 826. The books can only be bought in New York or LA stores, but the glasses are available online.(Here for women optical, here for women sun, and also available for men.)

The stylish Kidd frames, available as both sunglasses and regular optical glasses. A soft, intellectual look that's perfect for strolling both the concrete streets of New York and the sunny avenues of Los Angeles.

Be sure to check out all the other stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses from Warby Parker! If you can't decide on one pair just based off the online descriptions, consider their Home Try-On where you can try 5 different pairs for five days. For free. If you still can't decide on one, then you shouldn't feel bad getting multiple pairs because for every pair purchased, one is given to someone in need. An honest excuse for buying extras!

All photos courtesy of Warby Parker.


  1. Hey, great post Sophia! My friend from high school has a son that attended a writing program at 826NYC in Park Slope years ago. He's now in Boston studying writing for film and television. She loves the organization!

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