Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2015 Collection Review

It feels like it's been forever since I've reviewed a collection! My last review was Valentino at the beginning of October! I do hope I haven't lost my mojo. Well, you'll be the judge of that. Today I bring to you Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2015:

Soft clothes for women with sharp tastes. Faux minimalism. Textures and patterns, yes, but not too wild with the color. Warmth. And unity without being identical. Burberry Prorsum is all about being contemporary while keeping tradition in mind. This Pre-Fall collection did exactly that: trench coats, fur coats, motorcycle jackets, and sweaters, in words it seems like it's all been done and seen already, but Burberry restyled them for the here and now. I wouldn't say 'reinvented' because the word reinvented implies that the new version has completely taken over and that the old version is no longer in use, which is not the case. All the old classics are still available, Burberry Prorsum just gave us a better option.

 Scout-like patterns and shapes on the lapel and shoulder of the jacket give the look an outdoorsy, mountain feel, but the silhouette and styling contrasts that and gives the look a more sophisticated feel. The styling in the scarf and coat is a whisper to their fall collection from last year. 

 This is not an ombre coat. This is a coat with two colors, black and brown, but the fur gives the illusion of ombre. Do not be tricked. 
The scarf is, again, a nod to their fall collection last year.

The more English version of that purple Giambattista Valli coat...

Would have been minimalist until the collar. 

 I love this deep blue fur. Very rich and soft, but still very sharp.

The look is lovely (those trousers!) but I think that the main star of the outfit is the bag. That deep green with the blue/grey is perfect. The mixing of all the textures is well done: the knit sweater, the leather stripes, the flat blue trousers, and the deep green bag.

Again, we have the green with the blue. Blue and green normally gives off a sea vibe, but the feeling I'm getting from this is distinctly English (and very Burberry). I love the softness of the sweater with the sharpness of the trouser and both of those textures and feelings in the fringe bag.

A little spin on a classic, black motorcycle jacket. A very sharp, sleek look. I think that deep hues look more edgy than black (Spring 2015 Tom Ford and Saint Laurent are some good examples).

A chalk mural in coat form. Thank you, Burberry.


A little bit rusty, I know, but I'll get back into the swing of things. See here for my other, and possibly better, runway reviews. See here for the full collection and Vogue's review.

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