Coffee Table Books

Not only are they decorative conversation starters, coffee table books are, if nothing else, interesting. Flipping through here and there, they soothe sore eyes and relieve writer's block. I don't currently own a coffee table to put them on, but here are my favorites that I like to flip through at Barnes & Noble to pass a rainy afternoon.

  1. VOGUE: the Covers
  2. VOGUE & the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute
  3. GRACE: a Memoir
  4. The Sartorialist (I also suggest The Sartorialist: Closer)
  5. Alexander McQueen: Genius of a Generation (I know that the more popular Alexander McQueen coffee table book is Savage Beauty, but I prefer this one.)
  6. VOGUE: the Editor's Eye
  7. Valentino: at the Emperor's Table

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