Color Scheme of the Week: Purple & Green

 If you were to ask me what my favorite color was, first I'd say plaid (hence the title of this blog), but if you really pestered me to say a solid color, I'd say purple and green (still not giving you a straight answer.) I love purple and green together because they are rich opposites that work perfectly together. Lessons of purple and green from nature (for example, elegant heather flowers) can be carried over to fashion and home design. My room happens to be painted a plum color with an avocado stripe going through the middle of the walls. And there is so much flexibility in this scheme because there are so many different shades of each color that you can use.
Here's some purple and green inspiration for our color scheme of the week.

Hamish Bowles' apartment in World of Interiors magazine.
Mirror and paint detail from my room.

An interesting texture on a bag at the thrift shop.

Undercover S/S 2015 runway show. 

Paint and sign detail from my room.
Saint Laurent S/S 2015 runway show.


All photos via Pinterest.

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