Embellished School Clothes

I don't like to think of it this way, but I'm in school clothes 5 out of the 7 days of the week. An obvious statistic, but nonetheless a scary one. If I followed all of the dress code rules I would look the same, or at least extremely similar, every day and to every person. But, alas, being the fashion rebel that I am (I hope the sarcasm in my head carries through in my words), I bend and brake a few here and there to ensure my level of style is consistent with the other 2 out of 7 days of the week. 

Today is a bit of a lazy post because it required no gathering of materials, styling, or anything since I actually wore this to school today (or yesterday when you read this). 100% realness right here. Today I wore my favorite deep green sweater (LOFT from a few years ago), over my red polo, with my plaid skirt with pleats on the sides (both from Land's End), all topped off with my plum-colored, Peter pan collar coat (thrifted at Goodwill). The polo shirt is the only item within the dress-code rules. But I get away with all the others because they look like they belong; if everything seems alright and correct then no one's going to question it. (Read: If I walk past the headmaster's office quick enough, with enough confidence and an innocent look on my face, then his secretary won't hunt me down around the school hounding me to change my clothes.) Braking the rules just enough to be different, but just enough not to be caught. 

We had our first snow tonight so I was glad to have all these layers on.

I'm missing a button on one side, but I'll sew on a replacement sooner or later. I love the style and structure of this coat, and the color is perfect.

The full outfit. I'll have to start adding leggings soon to keep my legs warm.

Finally, my shoes. I wear pretty much everything now with my paddock boots, and I find that rolled-up knee-socks are useful for mixed weather because you can just roll them up when it gets too chilly. Paddock boots are the most versatile shoe for autumn.


  1. I love to see an outfit with some color! This is such a lovely look! I just adore that coat!