English Countryside Goddesses

It seems like most of my problems in life can be solved by going to the English countryside. Traffic? The only kind of traffic in the country is the kind with dirt roads and horses acting as cars. And even at rush hour it won't be as crowded. Test tomorrow? Not in the English countryside. All I have to worry about is getting my horse ready for my morning hack. Loud, annoying classmates? In the country, it's not my horse's whinny that breaks the silence, but instead it plays out in harmony with the surrounding wildlife sounds.

But since I don't have that as my reality, I live and dream through what I call English Countryside Goddesses. They're the it-girl-equestriennes of the English Countryside, with their perfect ponies and elegant estates, the English Countryside Goddesses are the cream of the Cotswolds.They're not the rugged, country-girl type. No, their style is about as trained and perfect as their riding skills (That is, very trained and perfect.) The chic Countryside Goddesses have jobs that are as stylish as they are; bloggers, fashion magazine editors and writers, creative directors, photographers, etc.

From left to right: Sophia Davies, Amanda Brooks, Plum Sykes, and Antonia Davies, a dream team of equestrian excellence.
My country cravings are normally satisfied by Amanda Brooks' Instagram, but this month I got an extra dosage in the November issue of Vogue. Plum Sykes writes about her riding experience (with her stylish friends including Amanda Brooks, Sophia Davies, Olivia Hunt, Alessandra Balasz, and Antonia Davies) at Admington Hall in Warwickshire, England. She beautifully describes the impressive estate of Admington Hall, recounting lush meadows, sailing over hedges and fence posts, and charming topiary. I don't know which is better  imagining flying over fences on horseback, through Syke's words, or witnessing the effortless English style, in their clothing, horsemanship, and those charming chaotic English gardens, through the photos. Well, neither you nor I will be forced to choose one, as you can get the whole story in the November issue of Vogue. I think the online story will be coming to Vogue.com soon if this issue has already been replaced with the December issue on newsstands. Although it was just a little backstory in a renowned magazine filled with glossy advertisements and editorials styled down to the very last hairpin, this story was the highlight of the entire magazine for me and I hope that Vogue continues to include these lovely, wanderlust-inducing features regularly.

Alessandra Balazs and Olivia Hunt correctly showing how to jump in style.


  1. Great post,I love your writing style and I'd love to be a fashion journalist when I'm older too. xx