Halloween: the only day people young and old alike dress up, go to strangers' houses, and accept their candy, despite their mother's rules being the exact opposite all other 364 days of the year. When I was younger I saw Halloween as this sacred night of festivities, fun, and food. Now, I see it more as an excuse to get free candy. In fact, it's the best excuse there is.

Although I didn't go trick-or-treating myself, our house was ready for trick-or-treaters with bags of Hershey's and KitKats (and pencils that no one wanted), but to be honest I think I ate more of it than we gave out.
At our house, we don't take our decorating very seriously, but we have acquired many different ornaments and decorations through the years. It doesn't really go together, it's just a mash of whatever vaguely fits the theme. Here are some of my old Halloween art projects from elementary school stuck behind the silver.
One of my favorite decorations for Halloween is this glowing haunted house. We've had it since as long as I can remember and I've always gotten mesmerized by it's changing colors in the dark. From purple,
To green (with all colors in between.)
Remember my Hamish Bowles Halloween inspiration post earlier in October? Well, I carried out my plans and used Hamish's outfit from the 2011 Met Gala as my inspiration. My costume is the one on the left if you can't tell; I understand that our resemblance is quite uncanny. We got to wear our costumes to school and I had to print a picture out and carry it around with me to show people what I was. They didn't know who he was. Sigh.
After school, I had riding; so I changed out of my Hamish costume and into jodhpurs. The barn was so empty and quiet, only the soft chewing of hay and occasional snort was audible.
This is a tricky pony named Chubby, looking quite dashing in his dusty purple blanket. (That crazy look in his eyes is because I had carrots in my hand, and, as I'm sure you can guess from his name, he really loves anything edible, and then some.)

They were all either sleeping... 

Or eating. Horses have discovered the secret to a good life before any of us have. This is the horse I ride named Flo; I gave her extra carrots because it was Halloween.