Has anyone else been feeling tired and cold lately? This past week especially I've been feeling a strong lack of sleep and warmth in my life. I feel like I just want to grow a warm winter coat, bundle up in my sheepskin blanket, and settle down for a long winter's nap, until the warm weather comes back. I think that I woke up every single day this week feeling like I could use another hour or two of sleep. And then coming home from school every day I felt like a two hour nap would be a better choice over homework. Along with that, the weather didn't help one bit. Going outside to walk Oakley was like stepping into a freezer. I don't think it was actually that cold, but the sudden change from warm to cool made it seem like it was. When I voiced these observations to my sagacious mother, she shrewdly said that it might be partly because "as humans, it's our natural instinct to want to hibernate at this time of year." Makes sense to me. "But, alas, we are not bears!"

When I think of hibernation, I think of my dog, Oakley, who I admire for hibernating during most of the year, no matter the weather.