It's Turkey Time and Other Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is a time for catching up with faraway family and being thankful. But it's not sitting down at a big table eating turkey with my family that I remember best. My favorite memories are the little ones:

When I was in Kindergarten or 1st grade, my music class sang a song about Thanksgiving that went something like this, "Right around November, Just before December, It's turkey time!" After many practices and music lessons, we harmoniously, and proudly, sang it in our cute, high-pitched voices in front of our parents for Visitor's Day. To this day, my mother still sings it whenever turkey or Thanksgiving is mentioned. It's the first thing I think of, too.

Waking up not to the smell of turkey, but to the smell of the vacuum cleaning the rugs before everyone came. Really odd, but it's a distinctive scent that I'll recognize in an instant. 

After the cleaning, we'd get started on the turkey. I always had to stick the paper towel up the turkey's butt to take the grossness and such out. Fun. 

The food is normally the same every year, but my aunt always insists in taking pictures of all of the meals. Don't ask me what she does with them. 

Pumpkin pie and ice cream must be present. I honestly hate the taste and smell of anything pumpkin, but when it's in pie form it surprisingly doesn't bother me.

After the meal, we, like many other American families, settle down and watch a bit of TV, but we, unlike many other American families, never watch football. TV acts as sort of background to the real entertainment: chatting, playing with little cousins, petting Oakley (who normally gets slipped a few pieces of turkey), and having nice family time for bonding. We'll listen to whatever is on, I think there was a Bond marathon on for a couple years. 

Sometimes the Christmas music gets turned on, just to make the mood even merrier, but I personally think that it should hold off. Thanksgiving deserves its own day, especially because we rushed from Halloween to Christmas so fast; we should at least give Thanksgiving this day.

Because you shouldn't have Christmas music on for Thanksgiving, here's my playlist:
(It's mostly french-influenced jazz with a few Celtic scores sprinkled in between, and some of the happier ones from Les Misérables just to be safe. And the Downton Abbey theme to make me feel like a Grantham as I dine.) I find that French music is good background music since I don't speak French so my mind won't focus on anything it doesn't understand.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?