Minimalist Monday: Yves Saint Laurent Edition

Happy Minimalist Monday! A new tradition here on the blog; the best way to start your week is with simplicity. See the world through a black and white filter with very low exposure today. Our good friend YSL will be the theme for today's Minimalist Monday. I mean the simple-Parisian version of Saint Laurent, not the edgy-rock-star side (although both are from the same woman's closet.) I've been loving everything that Hedi Slimane has been putting out recently, especially their fall and pre-fall 2014 campaigns. It may not be my personal style completely, but I love the consistency and clear image invoked from their clothes and ads. When you strongly capture a feeling, it's always desirable; I might not have necessarily wanted to look like an edgy, yet classic Parisian before, but with these campaigns I do. Like I said before, some of these are very rock-star and glamorous, but others are more effortless-Parisian type. The thing about style is that it should look effortless; it won't work if you're trying too hard. Saint Laurent has offered us easy Parisian fashion that fits Monday mornings, Friday nights, and everyday in between. Is there anything better to be than Parisian, even if only in our dress?

Sharp in every aspect.
Classy, but in jeans. Professional, but in jeans. I swear, Parisians (or models pretending to be) can pull off anything.


  1. Me encanta todo! El negro es un color tan versatil y elegante.. Y las prendas son preciosas! Un beso!

  2. I love the first look! Polished yet understated.