My Favorite Short Films & Videos

I love short films. They're basically concentrated entertainment that get straight to the point and are convenient to watch - unlike full movies. And they're not just trailers either; trailers leave something missing, something to be discovered but short films and videos are perfectly complete. They convey a full message, idea, and story. Watching short films is one of my favorite ways to unwind or take a short break. My favorites happen to be about English countrysides, horses, and fashion, no surprise there.

I love this simple video, by Vogue, of Edie Campbell with her horse, Dolly. This film really captures the simplicity and calmness that I feel the English countryside is and will always be.
Another one of Edie and her horses, in this one she's explaining riding horses and the bond between horse and rider.
"A Highland Friendship" starring Stella Tennant & Lady Isabelle Cawdor, by Bruce Weber. Whenever I hear the name Cawdor, I can't help thinking of Macbeth. My grade performed it last year (I was a witch) and we tied it into English class by studying it, so between classes and play rehearsal, I have pretty much all of the lines and symbolism memorized. I love the little girls' tartan skirts, the horses, and the peaceful countryside shots. I really have a soft spot for the English countryside.
Prada's "A Therapy" starring Helena Bonham Carter as a wealthy patient with a plush, purple Prada coat and Sir Ben Kingsley as the therapist that quickly forgets the patient and falls into a daydream with the coat. Quirky and funny.
Cara Delevingne's Vogue Interview. I wasn't really paying attention to anything she was saying, but instead my eyes were fixed on that adorable, little lamb on her lap.
Free Haircuts in the Park w/ Christiaan. If they ever do this again, I am definitely going and coming back with some funky, half-shaven, haircut. This happened during June, so it was a hot day and the little, cut strands of hair must've been sticking everywhere.
Last but not least, my absolute favorite is this Vogue short starring Hamish Bowles and Lena Dunham. It's pure gold, start to finish. If you were to watch just one video from my list, I highly recommend it be this one.

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