the little things: Stocking Stuffers

With Thanksgiving over, we can now focus on the winter holidays without feeling guilty! I like to get the gift-buying over with first so I can concentrate on family and festivities when it gets closer to the actual date.

That being said, I think that a bunch of little gifts are better than one or two big ones. It's especially fun to choose a bouquet of themed gifts sorted by color or pattern (example: a cluster of blue or plaid gifts), texture (example: all knitted gifts), or product (example: giving only polishes and other nail related things), and having themed gifts makes it easier to remember which one goes to who (nail polish for Aunt Cindy, knits for Dad, etc.)

Since stockings can come in all different sizes, I included a variety of "small gifts"; varying in size, from nail polish to shoes, and in price, again, from nail polish to shoes. 

The weather here is constantly reminding me of the holiday season, so I have lots of knits and cozy things in my stocking stuffers, but if you're somewhere warm for the holidays (lucky you) feel free to have sunglasses, flip-flops, sunscreen, and the like.


  1. Organize gifts by theme! What a great idea Sophia!

  2. Such cute picks, I am in love with those plaid loafers, they are so gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    XO Courtney