Yesterday, on a shopping trip mainly to buy yarn, I discovered this amazing hat at Charming Charlie. Well, I didn't really discover it, but it still felt like an epiphany. It's a classic, structured Panama hat with a bowed ribbon, but what really makes it is that it's the most perfect shade of deep green. It keeps the shape without being too stiff and it's so versatile; I can throw it on top of almost any outfit. I feel like I'm seeing these Panama hats everywhere now — rightfully so, they give a cool and edgy touch to an outfit — but in black. Instead of ignoring the trend completely, I (and the millions of other people who bought the hat in different colors) gave it my own touch. I don't normally buy things new and at full price (GoodWill all the way!), but I have to say that this one was definitely worth it. I happened to be wearing my favorite dark green sweater and a pair of jeans; an accidental harmony and a sign from the fates that I was destined to buy this hat.

 I want to get all angles of the hat, but it's impossible to take a picture of a hat without taking one of your face, hence all the awkward, I-don't-know-how-to-pose faces.

 I think it's a lot deeper a green than this photo shows, but it's a very charming, almost festive hat. I think everyone should have a good, stylish hat somewhere in their wardrobe.

Here are some other unique Panama hats to stand out with in the crowd of black brims.

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