Vogue: Setting the Standard Vs. Reporting It

I recently saw a comment on a Vogue YouTube video that said something along the lines of, "Vogue used to set the standards, but now they're just reporting them." I've always hated when people said that Vogue is the Bible of fashion because it's not. The Bible is a set of basics that never change. Vogue is contemporary and always changing. Vogue is about now. This comment had me thinking that yes, Vogue is modern and ever-changing, but are they laying down the laws or just narrating them? Early Vogue defined fashion, skillfully blending the latest trends with traditional style. It set the standards and that created the prestigious reputation. Now, going through some of their website's content, I think that they're so worried about coming across as too opinionated on controversial topics, that they end up giving no opinion at all. And when you give no opinion or voice it does become like reporting. But all of this varies between Vogue.com and Vogue Magazine. Reading Vogue magazine is reading something new, yet familiar; controversial and different, but refined. Vogue.com is all about the current buzz and trends; the print version of Vogue (for lack of better words) has more meat to it and still has that sense of being contemporary and classic at the same time. I suppose that online publications and websites have to be more in-the-moment and current because they are competing with so many others and the news is ever-changing. But that does not mean that they shouldn't have a voice or set the standards. People are going to challenge them, but you don't get to have a name like Vogue without taking any risks.


  1. Couldn't agree more on that. People are just afraid of changes because they are not use to it I guess.
    Love the post!


  2. Great post,I loved it! xx