Winter Fashion at the Barn

And not for humans! I love wintertime at the barn because the horses are all bundled in their blankets and sheets. I snapped some pictures of the extra-stylish ones; these horses really know how to work it! Cover of Vogue, or maybe Horse Illustrated, here they come!

Flo in her stylish blue and green turnout blanket. The cool colors really work well with her natural coat.

 She's such a silly mare!

Chester is a grumpy, old man; he had his butt against the stall door as I was taking the picture so I had to take it through the bars. Just look at the evil glare he's giving me. But his blanket is really chic.

He turned around so fast when he realized we had food. That's him trying to fit his huge muzzle through the tiny square to get a carrot.

Stetson, aka the most mischievous and adorable pony ever, looking very smart in his blanket; the blue compliments his black coat well. You can't see it in this photo, but he has a thick forelock (for non-horsey people: forelock = horse bangs) that goes over his eyes, I don't know how he can see.

The handsome Sir Charles looking dapper in his blue coat as he enjoys his midday meal.

Chubby, looking for food, in his purple blanket. Fun fact: Last winter he got out and started trotting around the surrounding suburbs and the inhabitants reported, "a big, purple thing running around." Ah, Chubby.

Shy Mugsy pulling off the accidentally chic look, a "don't look at me, but do."

Bling, matching his stall-guard, in his blue blanket.

Winter Jackets- 
Who Wore it Better: 
Horses or Humans?