Confidence: An Element in Style

Style is not made up of just one component. Multiple elements create style. Today I'm focusing on Confidence.

Everyone admires and craves effortless style. An easy style that requires no outside source of justification is usually the result of two things: confidence and authenticity. I already went over authenticity, how you have to be real and honestly stand by what you're putting out there to be stylish. When you already have the initial genuine style, confidence is a wonderful boost, but confidence without style or authenticity is a disaster. The effortless look is so stylish because it is looks real. It looks like you're living your life and you're happy with it. Confidence is an appealing characteristic, but only when it's real. Because when it's real, you don't have to prove or argue anything since you yourself know that it is. Confidence should be constant, but it should be used in moderation. Confidence should be silent. Over-confidence is not stylish. Know what you're worth and present it.


  1. Brilliant post,you are really such a fantastic writer! xx

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