Fancy Pants: Trade in Your Dress for Trousers this Season

On the clothing calendar, 'tis the season for cocktail dresses. Even though the holiday dress tradition isn't very practical, it's still a tradition and traditions can be tough to uproot once they're planted. I mean, sure, everyone wants to sparkle and look "cute" during the holidays, but at the price of freezing your legs off? I don't think so.

(Side story: At my school, the uniforms for the girls consists of khaki or navy skirts (I wear plaid #rebel) or pants. I always laugh, in my mind of course, at the girls who are literally numbed to the bone, wearing skirts, trying to impress God knows who. The minute it's below 60 degrees I turn to my thickly knit tights and socks to wear with my skirts.)

Tailored pants are a sophisticated (and practical!) way to get all of the holiday without the hyperthermia. Even if you're not the structured type you could go for a chic sweatpants look (Yes, they do make chic sweatpants.)This has been in the back of my head since September with all the trousers walking around the runway and now I finally get to put it into action. Just add some sharp tuxedo pants with some elegant blazers and you've got yourself a practical and sophisticated holiday outfit.

Trade in your dress for pants and trade in cold legs for warmth. Seems like a reasonable deal to me.
And what's an outfit without the shoes?


  1. Love the petite tuxedo ankle pants from Loft!

  2. I've always been a skirt and dress kinda girl so I do struggle in the winter! But I do resort to my skinny jeans as they are warmer! Great post :) xx