Going along with the homemade holiday season theme from yesterday, knitting is a calming and rewarding hobby to pick up, especially during the holiday season. Homemade items are just held closer to the heart, even though they're usually not as perfect.

I love knitting because it's so relaxing. (The old ladies' secret is out!) Once you get the basics down, it becomes pretty rhythmic and easy. All you need for a simple scarf, or piece of knitted fabric, is two needles (larger ones are easier to maneuver than small), some yarn (thicker yarn will be easier), and this is the video that taught me how. 

My top tip for new knitters would be to not set any goals. Keep knitting as a side hobby to pick up when you're stressed or bored. Don't make it into a chore or something that you have to get done by a certain time. It should be something simple to help you rewind when you've got time. Enjoy it!

I got this ball of lovely, soft blue yarn. I cast on a bit too many stitches, so it's a bit wide, but it all worked out.

If I didn't make it so wide, I probably could've gotten a whole scarf out of the one ball of yarn, but oh well.

My baby scarf just starting to grow. This picture explains my knitting process perfectly: relaxing with Oakley on my bed, everything warm and cozy.

Since I finished the ball of blue, I had to get another. At first, I tried to get the same color, but then I went with a soft grey color that matches well.

The finished product! I decided to turn it into an infinity scarf by using some of the gray yarn to stitch the ends together. Also, because it was so wide, I sewed it in half, so it's extra thick and cozy.

I love the color blocked effect. I'm so proud to have finished this (I have about 4 unfinished knitted projects...) and to actually be able to hold it in my hands.

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