Land Rover's The Vanishing Game, by William Boyd: Solution to Tired Reading Eyes

I'm sure other avid readers can relate to one of my daily struggles: fighting with your tired eyes to read on. Your mind says yes, but your eyes say no. You really want to continue with the story, but your eyes start stinging with the need for rest, and you find that you're reading the same paragraph over and over but it's just not registering. Sound familiar?

Well, I've found the solution: The Vanishing Game. (Not an actual game, it's just the title.) It's an online story written by William Boyd, sponsored by Land Rover. It follows the accidental adventure of unemployed actor, Alec Dunbar and KT-99, a worn-in Land Rover Defender, from London all the way to the very north of Scotland on a dangerous, unpredictable mission. Even though it's sponsored by Land Rover, the promotion is minimal and subliminal. Alec Dunbar is clearly the star of the story, not KT-99. But it does clearly set the Land Rover lifestyle: adventurous, intelligent, and rugged.

The Vanishing Game
, by William Boyd

Between the rich language and calming, yet real, voice, the background noises, images, and movement of the words, it completely encompasses you in the story.The plot is engaging and you'll be hooked after the first part (there are 6 in total), but I don't want to give too much away. I'll just say that it takes many turns and will have you guessing what's next as much as you do when you read an adventure novel. If there was a full book form, I would be the first one in line to buy it.


  1. Love it (then again, I also love Land Rovers)! Thanks for giving us the heads-up Sophia!

  2. Great post!I answered your questions over at my blog and thank you again for nominating me! xx

  3. I totally understand that feeling of struggling to keep your eyes open to carry on reading - will check this out!

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