Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

Calling all procrastinators! I'm here with a creative, non-crafty, and simple solution for your last minute problems. Although it's completely free, it does involve you going to a mall or other shopping facility, which can be dangerous during this time of year. Travel if you dare. Anyway, here's your last minute saviour:

Go to a Sephora, or any other beauty store. Sniff around the fragrance section, pick out a few that you think your friend would like, and kindly ask one of the employees for a sample of each. I do this all the time for myself. They should come in little vials and from there the possibilities are endless on presentation. (The hardest question during the holidays: Gift box or bag?) Chances are that your friend will think that it's really thoughtful of you to make them their own personalized fragrance sampler; they won't even guess that it was last minute!

My all-time favorite fragrance is Hermès' Un Jardin Sur le Toit. It's refreshing, but not in an overpowering sweet or fruity way. It's more of a cucumber than a strawberry. As the name implies, it smells exactly as what you'd imagine a garden on the roof would. My second favorite is also by Hermès— Un Jardin Sur le Nil. It's a bit more spicy and mysterious than Sur le Toit. It also has citrus-y undertones, so even though it's better than le Toit for night, it still has some bright and daytime-ish feelings. (I have free samples of both from Sephora.)


  1. That is such a cute and thoughtful idea! xx

  2. That is such a cute idea! Thankyou for sharing :) X

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  3. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @

  4. Great post I absolutely love Hermes :) keep up the good work

    Jennos Health.