Officially Sweater Weather

It's that time of year! Time for hot coco, sheepskin blankets, lip balm, warm socks, and sweaters!!! Sweater weather doesn't mark the start of a certain type of weather, it marks the beginning of a season, but one that has nothing to do with how cold it is outside. Sweater weather is about coziness and nostalgia; feeling warm and content even though everything may not be perfect. The best sweaters are imperfect, but they still keep you warm and snuggly. Life is like a good sweater; it has its faults, but at the end of the day it keeps you happy and you wouldn't want any other. Sweater weather is about being grateful for life and appreciating it through its flaws.

My favorite, go-to sweater is a deep green one I bought about a year or two ago from LOFT. The sleeves are a bit short, but I still really love it.

Oakley's moose sweater! My brother actually has a matching one. They don't sell it anymore, but I found this one which is not really close, but still really adorable.

While putting this post together, I came across some really neat sweaters! There are so many different types of colors, prints, and textures out there in the world of sweaters. 
Check out some of my favorites:

Sweater Weather
...And the others that didn't fit in the collage:


  1. Aww, such a cute sweater!
    Melanie @

  2. I love the third one in the second row! xx

  3. cute jumpers your blog is lovely I read your description saying you want to be a journalist I do too!

  4. This is so lovely, I adore jumpers - I bought three today haha!

    Jade x ♡