Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2015 Review

Oscar de la Renta's first show without the presence of the designer himself was yesterday: Pre-Fall 2015. The entire collection, start to finish, was simply and distinctly Oscar de la Renta. All of Oscar's previous shows obviously carried the quintessential de la Renta seal, but in a new and unexpected way.

Oscar de la Renta is such a beautifully built brand; my only hope for them would be that they (being the current designers for Oscar de la Renta) don't reuse or mirror old de la Renta designs in an effort to maintain his style. Oscar was about creating new ideas in a familiar style, but part of that is, sadly, lost with him.

Since style is so personal, the exact style of a person (in this case, Oscar de la Renta's style) will always be lost with the person, whether we want to believe it or not. Style is about creating a balance between something new, but cohesive with what is already existing. Those ideas of what could have been perfect are lost with the mind that thought them. Ideas are infinite and ever-changing, so there are countless opportunities lost when a mind is lost.

But I think that Oscar (and Oscar's target audience: The Ladies Who Lunch) would want the fresh designs to keep flowing, even if that meant a bit altered style for the label.

The collection of looks I chose to highlight probably looks a bit messy and unorganized, but the full collection flows much better. I tried to chose my favorite looks that I felt represented the mini categories within the show, therefore they might look a bit scatted altogether, but also on their own.

Obviously tropical, but the structured sheer says something different. This is for a woman who would like to be full time tropical, but her reality puts her in a more suburban area than she'd like. Reminds me of my mother, but maybe only a younger version of her would wear this.
I love the mixing of the shades of blue and the textures; it works perfectly because they are all different and can shine on their own. 

Again, the mixing of hues and textures work together like clockwork.

Both the cut & colors of this are perfect. The blue would overpower the green if it weren't for the shoes. 

Like the first look I featured, this look leads to two definitions. It flows and is flowery, but it's not quite full-on tropical. It almost makes me think of de la Renta's life itself; his foundation is tropical, but his professional life was lived very much in a structured habitat. 
A coat version to the look above. In ways like this each look in the collection was related, but some were related in more abstract ways, such as the look above and the first look.

These colors are beautiful, but it wouldn't work without the shimmering effect.

Nighttime tropical.

I wanted to end on this look because I think it captures the shining sun after a storm. The storm may have carried away important things (or people), but it makes us appreciate the peaceful sun more.


  1. So beautiful!


  2. The dresses are so stunning and that floral coat is just perfection! xx

  3. What an icon, so pleased the collection was still beautiful, he always understood how to make women look beautiful x