Rag & Bone Pre-Fall 2015

For, what I like to think of as, the everywhere woman. This collection is for a woman who is genuinely all over the place, not one that just likes to dress up and play different roles. When you dress up and pretend, everything completely changes because you are aware and changing on purpose, but when you are simply living, the base of each outfit remains the same. Not the physical base, i.e. the actual clothes, but the base of the particular style. The same model in each photo implies that it's the different styles, or moods, of one individual. Similar motifs in color, texture, and silhouette are present, but no two looks have all three of those in common. This idea is backed up by the lack of consistent backgrounds in each look. Although I do think that traditional, solid backgrounds have become traditional for a reason, it's nice to see a variety because I think it goes with the story that they're telling so well. It goes hand-in-hand with the idea that this woman is everywhere: both interpretively in her clothes, and also literally in her location.

Enough on the story and the abstract, now on to the actual clothes. It's all very relaxed, but certainly not messy. This isn't a stressed, overworked woman with too much on her plate. This woman is confident and free. She's not late, but she's never stressing to be on time. She won't kill herself teetering around in heels, instead she goes for boots or loafers that she knows she can work. And work she does.

Like any runway review or interpretation, I could easily be 50 miles off target from what the designer intended. In fact, I most certainly always am. But writing and reviewing fashion is a personal thing, it comes from thoughts, ideas, and experience from inside you, and it's being shared so others can think of it. It's all about what you feel and what you think when you, yourself, see it. I'm just offering another point of view. It's not fact. It's completely and utterly opinion.


  1. Very nice blog! Hope you could visit mine too :)


  2. You are the most amazing writer,I wish I had your writing style,I hate mine! xx

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! (BTW, I love your writing, it's so authentic!)