The Private Passion of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

I found my new favorite coffee table book yesterday in the used book section of my local Barnes & Noble. The Private Passion of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Even though the actual book is a bit old (published in 2005!), the content is timeless. It's filled with engaging photos from Jackie's early riding life all the way up to her last ride. Equally interesting text goes along with the sepia pictures, narrating Jackie's journey from eager equestrienne to a lonely widow seeking sanctuary in horses. I truly recommend this book — although it's a bit late to be a present for the holiday season, I'm sure it would be a lovely surprise any time of year.

Young Jackie effortlessly sailing over a fence on her horse, Danseuse, August 1941.

Playing dress-up with an equine friend.

I love this photo. Even though all these photos are from a different time in Jackie's life, they all have a constant feeling. Companionship. Mutual affection. Confidence.