Welcome Back Coco! Chanel Pre-Fall 2015

Keep the Coco in Chanel. The most important philosophy in running the brand, that's practically as old as style itself, has been neglected these past seasons. I'm glad that I get to say past and not current. Chanel is all about creating new classics with the help of the old ones, and pre-fall 2015 did exactly that.

I admit that I'd been a bit skeptical of the collection at first, with the main announcement and buzz-bringer being Reincarnation, a film directed by Karl Lagerfeld, starring Cara Delevingne and Pharrell, with Geraldine Chaplin as Coco Chanel herself. I didn't think that the film's message was very clear, scenes with Delevingne as a waitress and Pharrell as a doorman, and then coming back at night, reincarnating I suppose, although that's not the word I would use, into a beautiful lady and gentleman. And then there's a bit of singing and dancing (we catch glimpses of an odd little boy; I think it might be Karl's godson...) and it ends with Coco Chanel (Geraldine Chaplin) saying that she will make one of the doorman's jackets.

I guess it's a roundabout way of explaining Chanel's classic jackets. In some odd way, it's just what I would expect from Karl, which is not necessarily good or bad, just distinctively Lagerfeld. Too many elements of humor to be taken serious, not enough humor to be comedic, and a foreign feeling off being just a little bit off.

After seeing the film I wasn't too thrilled about the collection, but with all the ornate Instagrams, I couldn't resist and I'm glad I didn't. The Pre-Fall 2015 collection was one of the best from Chanel that I've seen in a long time. (Well, not really a long time, but fashion isn't about reminiscing on the past....) It was contemporary and classic. In contrast to past collections, I think that if this collection wasn't from Chanel it would (or should) still be popular, although the collection screamed classic Chanel, start to finish. It still had all the buzz of Chanel shows, but this one was worth having.

The color scheme was a bit varied (starting off with rich crimsons and greens, later pops of turquoise and cream, the occasional splash of gray, some pretty blues and soft greens, and then the inevitable black) but the looks were consistent with each other and their ornate backdrop. Telling from the pictures, backstage and on the runway, it looked like the mood was set.

See the all the looks here.

I'm hoping that this is the sign of a new beginning for Chanel. It's odd to think of new beginnings for Chanel because Chanel is a new beginning, the start of a perpetual style. Just as when Lagerfeld came in charge, a new leaf is turning for Chanel, and every new leaf makes up the grand tree that is the even grander brand.

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