Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2015

Alberta Ferretti's pre-fall 2015 collection was rich: wealthy in ornate details and patterns, rich colors, and elaborate fabric, something that's especially refreshing in the current minimalistic fashion movement we seem to be into. The deep, dark colors and grandeur of the collection leaned toward Medieval or Renaissance design, but the more forgiving and contemporary silhouettes stop it from looking like Middle Age works of art from museums. Tall, embroidered boots, chain-mail-like hoods, and metallic colors enforced the idea of a powerful Medieval warrior rather than a delicate Renaissance lady, which is something that we can't get enough of this season (rightfully so) and it also helped with the modernity. Making an ornate collection look modern can be a tricky thing to balance, since fashion today is, for the most part, either clean-cut or wildly abstract, but Alberta Ferratti seemed to achieve this without too much trouble.

I also like that she sometimes displayed two looks in one photo, as it was a very long collection for pre-fall and this made it much easier for me to get through it all!


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  2. This reminds me of the medieval era and I'm loving it!!



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