Armani Privé Spring 2015 Couture

Between the bamboo scenery and motifs, Armani Privé Spring 2015 should've been peaceful, but wasn't. They were powerful, strong, and sophisticated. Sharply tropical (not two words you usually see together) in a refreshing way, neither overwhelmingly precise nor tranquil. But blending the line somewhere between. This show gave off a naturally strong feeling; the power of Mother Nature. Bamboo is a very natural material, yet it is also very strong, that's why it represents and defines this show so well. The feeling of natural strength and beauty is present throughout the whole show, even though the colors change from earthy greens, to shimmery blues, to light tans, to deep blacks and electric blues. The silhouettes also go with that same feeling of tranquil strength: it was a well-balanced mixture of free flowing and structure. Many of the looks have a tied belt around the waist, and this immediately gives me thoughts of karate, another form of strength.The color scheme at the end of the show turns quite dark, with black and vibrant, electrifying blues, showing, I think, that natural power becoming more powerful; a tranquil, but to the point, 'don't mess with me' of sorts. 

One look, near the end, was a powder-blue, fluffy, floor-length dress. It wasn't made out of a fluffy fabric, but rather feathers (it looks like) that give the illusion of coral. Complete with a tied black belt around the waist to define its shape as well as tie it to the rest of the collection. Both the bamboo motifs and frequent mandarin collars added to a tropical Asian feel.


  1. Gorgeous collection! I feel like these garments say "I am centered and poised, but I won't take your shit."


    1. Haha, an excellent interpretation!