Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2015 Couture (Collection Review)

This collection is not only John Galliano's long-awaited return, but it's also a design combination of his original genius and ideas with both his new interpretations and Maison Martin Margiela's sartorial personality as a fashion house. It told a story of exile and resurrection. A once glorious creature, banished, and now coming back into beauty, better than ever, but also tougher and more experienced, much as Galliano himself.  A domestic pet who was beaten and cast off into the wilderness, and now returning to civilization as a wild and vigilant animal with a purpose: he's here to stay. But still with hints to the past. These designs nod back to the old Galliano, the ornateness, the grandeur, and the ability to captivate, but they are that of a new and changed man. I personally think that these designs are humbler than his past ones, he knows he's been beaten and his confidence is bruised, but it certainly hasn't lost any of its abstract complexity or style. We have to remember that the base of our new creature is the old one. Our creature has learned to be bold and beautiful in a quieter, but more powerful way. And that rough determination mixed with the tarnished elegance of the past is exactly what makes this collection beautiful.