Milly Pre-Fall 2015

Milly pre-fall 2015 was modern and sharp and realistic. (Maybe a bit too realistic. This is a pre-fall collection, not a rack at a department store.) The collection was focused on few colors: electric and navy blue, soft gray, and white, with infrequent pinks splattering the collection's mostly strict color palette. The collection had some really lovely lines, structured, but not stiff, starched, or stuffy and the proportions, for the most part, were on point. Most of the looks within the collection worked well alongside each other, but still with the inevitable odd piece thrown in. In Milly pre-fall 2015's case, the oddball was a large white coat bearing the face of a Native-American-esque woman embroidered on the back. Not only was this look out of the blue in that it didn't seem to match the rest, but it was also one of the only looks in the collection absent of the color blue, so literally, out of the blue.


  1. Amazing all the pics!! Nice selection ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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  2. I'm really digging that blue! And the pops of pinks feel so refreshing right now, especially since it's so dreary outside :(


  3. Fab!!!

  4. Great selections
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  5. I'm really loving this collection. That blue color makes it look so bold -

  6. I like this collection, especially the bright cobalt colours :)

    Rachel xx