Ralph Lauren Pre-Fall 2015: Creating Classics

Classic shapes. Classic color scheme. Classic textures and accessories. Classic in every aspect. We can always count on Ralph Lauren to be classic. Nothing abstract, no hidden interpretations, everything is aesthetically easy on the eye and mind. Naturally, we tend to think that when clothes have those credentials, little or no work was put into creating them, especially when compared to the wild, abstract beauties often found marching down our runways.

Ralph Lauren said, earlier this year, "I don't like the word {classic.} It makes you think we didn't do any work." I sometimes think that the classic designers put in more effort because they have to produce fresh designs that look timeless. They may be based off of styles from the past, but they are recreated to keep up with the times. The truth is, classics are always changing to fit the moment. Only trends are set in stone and that's why they pass so quickly in this ever-changing world of ours. Most people don't think about classics versus trends that way, but they often forget that the world changes and classics have to change with them in order to survive. Classics change, classics survive. And Ralph Lauren creates classics.


  1. I love these looking-- wonderful collection.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com