Schiaparelli Spring 2015 Couture

Each look was so different and yet they all worked together, maybe precisely for that very reason. Usually there are visual motifs and similarities within collections, but I think the uniformity for this collection was the feeling that it gave you. I couldn't define Schiaparelli in one word after seeing this show, but I don't think that I should have to. There are so many different ways to describe Schiaparelli Spring 2015; something around the lines of, but not limited to, exotic, quirky, insurgent, and just... fun. I feel like this would be very, if not too, modern in a past time period, but the feeling of sartorial rebellion remains. The show kind of transported you to a past time where there was still sartorial rebellion. Today I feel that, sure, we have people that are a bit more adventurous than others when it comes to clothes, but nothing is truly defiant. And it's great the we're so accepting these days, but it's nice to look back to a more spirited time with this collection.

The clothes were beautifully diverse: leather shirt dresses, double-breasted blazers, wide-cut trousers, cape-like coats, coat-like dresses, a tux, mini-jackets, and dress-suits, but I personally enjoyed the headwear the best. I knew this would be a good collection from the moment that royal-blue fez opened the show. And then the fiery orange (or red?) head-wrap, wire shaped creations, and tulle masterpieces, but the true show stoppers were the triangle afro's. At that point I don't know, or care, if the attention was on the clothes or the hair, as they both rightfully deserved all the eyes in the world.

It looks like the wardrobe of a character that's always thinking wild and innovative thoughts and challenging the norm on one of the old movies my mom and I watch.


  1. Love all these shots, defiantly think fashion has become so much more exciting and adventurous over the years, great post!