The Rise of the Bejeweled Face Mask

What started off as what seemed like a creative take on a fencing mask at a runway show, will later turn into the trend of our time: The Bejeweled Face Mask. As I wrote when I first witnessed this gem (no pun intended) back in July, these "fencing mask-like veils covered the model's faces in all of the looks during the show," and soon they will cover the faces of all the people on the streets (or at least those who bow down to trends.) You might be doubting me at this point, thinking that they're too impractical to be used in everyday street style, but mark my words, you won't be able to go to any street style blogs without seeing these face masks. And as with all trends, people will wear their own versions in accordance with their personal preferences (sparkly, sheer, patterned, or textured? The face mask is so versatile!)

My first encounter with The Mask was in the Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2014 Couture show this past July.

Another version of The Mask, also from Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2014 Couture.

A more elegant form of The Mask. 
Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2015 Couture, under John Galliano's direction.

Also from Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2015 Couture.

The most recent form of The Mask: Pat McGrath's amazing makeup for Givenchy. 
This is the purest form of The Mask, the trends won't be nearly as ornate, but that's what most trends are: toned-down versions of the runway designs they were based of.

Photos from here, here, here, and here.


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  2. In a comical sort of way I'm kind of in love with the bejeweled masks! xx

  3. Love these pictures :)