The Sartorialist: One of a Kind

The fashion world has seen more than its fair share of icons, idols, and influencers. New ones pop up daily, toppling over and replacing each other, and few last long enough to be dubbed "classics," There's never a lack of new actresses, singers, or models to snatch their five minutes under the spotlight. Editors and stylists come and go. As I mentioned before, only a handful or two out of the multitude of fashion icons become 'classics' and even most of them can be replaced without too much effort.

Of those irreplaceable few, Scott Schuman is definitely near the top of the list. For those of you who aren't familiar with him or his work (do you live under a rock?), he started his street style blog, The Sartorialist, in 2005 to create "the two way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life." Although, personally, I tend to analyze and focus on runway designs, I'm always awed by street style because it can be as creative and meaningful as the runway, but it still has to perform daily activities. Compared to runway designs, it just seems so much more real. These are real people living real lives, not playing dress-up in a made-up story. Scott Schuman captures stylish people in action and provides insights to details that might've otherwise gone unnoticed. He truly sees the world through different eyes and has the ability to seek out the stylish diamond in the rough. Scott Schuman is one of a kind because no other will ever be able to see and dissect the world of everyday fashion as he can.

I think this is a classic example of the Sartorialist's work: an unusual and stylish figure that could easily be lost in the crowd, but is saved by Scott Schuman's eye (and camera.)

He doesn't just capture their clothes, he captures their characters.

This is my favorite photo by the Sartorialist. Instead of me stitching words together about balance and geometry and colors, I think he does it much better: 

I asked this young lady to stand in front of the silver grate behind her because I thought it went so beautifully with the colors of her outfit.

I didn’t notice, until she was standing there, how harmoniously the horizontal silver lines of the grate, the vertical silver lines of her skirt, and the diagonal silver lines of her sneakers create a symphony of directions.

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